About The Teacher Discount Club

We started the "Teachers Discount Club" with just a few close teacher friends to help each other save money while stocking up on classroom supplies. We never thought there would be so much interest and that our little group would grow so fast. We feel truly blessed to be able to connect with and help so many amazing teachers. Today we find and share money-saving tips for teachers on our website, Facebook group, Facebook page and through a weekly newsletter. Our sites are updated daily, but prices are subject to change at anytime. 

Newsletter Signup: https://bit.ly/2KaGT34


If an Amazon product has a coupon available, it will have a little square coupon box under the price on the product page. Don’t forget to click on that box before you add the item to your cart to apply the coupon to your order. You will see the final discount at checkout.


Some Amazon promo codes are automatically applied when you visit the product link. If this happens you will see green text at the top of the page that says "This promo code is applied to your account." If the promo code is not automatically applied, you can enter it at checkout in the box that says "Gift cards & promotional codes." You will see the discount apply at checkout.


If you are in our Facebook group, you can collaborate by liking and commenting on posts, and posting about teacher discounts you find on Amazon. To prevent spam and keep the group focused, Amazon Affiliate links and links to other stores are not allowed. To make sure you don’t miss lightning deals, limited time offers and promo codes go to the FB group here - https://bit.ly/2Q5IXyD and click on "notifications" and change it to "all posts."


Once you are in our Facebook group you can invite your teacher friends the two following ways. 
1. From a computer: Visit the group: https://bit.ly/2A0TBNd & look on the right hand side of the screen. Type the names of your teacher friends in the box that says "Add Members." 
2. From a phone: Visit the group: https://bit.ly/2A0TBNd & scroll down until you see the "Suggested Members" section. Click on "See All" and you can browse or type the names of your teacher friends.


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