Ages 5-7
Ages 5-7

Ages 5-7

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Author: Murphy, Frank

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 15-07-2020

Details: Product Description Every girl is a wonder! A Girl Like You encourages girls to embrace what makes them unique, to choose kindness, and to be their own advocates. In an age when girls can be whatever they want, this book reminds them of all the ways to be beautiful, brilliant, and uniquely themselves. Review Strong, daring, brave, and bold are the watchwords in this text, as an omniscient narrator reminds the beautiful girl in the text to be the best you she can be: Bold girl, speak up. It's okay to disagree with people. Our differences teach us about one another. The entire book is devised to be permission for everyone to be themselves, regardless of gender, ability, age, interests, strengths, and/or religion. It's a soothing text, and the illustrator takes the universal message of empowerment and brings it down to the personal with impressionistic scenes. --School Library Journal Calling on brave girls, bold girls, thoughtful girls, and smart girls (which, after all, are all girls) and girls who read, run, recycle, reflect, and remember who they are and the proud tradition from which they come, the book also reminds (or informs) girls that they are radiant, magnificent, and just what the world needs right now. -- The Robinson Rerporter I returned to the book many times just to soak in all of the detail. I believe readers of all backgrounds will find themselves in the words and illustrations of this book. --Imagine the Possibilities blog In this lovingly illustrated over-sized picture book, readers meet girls who try new things, girls who stand up to bullies, and girls who run for student council. Girls who lift weights, girls who set goals and stick to them, and girls who study the stars. Readers also get to celebrate girls who voice their opinions, girls who choose the right friends (friends who are kind and thoughtful), and girls who don't mind saying they're sorry when they re wrong. This heartwarming book is a must-have for every daughter age 4-8. It should encourage outsider girls, prick the conscience of popular girls, and coach girls everywhere that being selfish and thoughtless is out, and being kind, helpful and proudly female is very, very in --Picture Books Depot From the Author This book starts off with four important actions for girls - being strong, daring, brave, and bold. These can be adjectives to describe girls or we can look at these words as verbs - actions girls can DO! And that is one of our hopes with A Girl Like You - to help inspire and empower girls to act on doing and living these words. And making choices that promote healthy living.

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Languages: English