Ages 3-8
Ages 3-8

Ages 3-8

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Author: Arkolaki, Elisavet

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 27

Release Date: 11-06-2020

Details: Product Description A heartwarming summer tale Elisavet Arkolaki's tribute to a summer spent by the seaside with Grandma will strike a chord with anyone who's ever counted down the days until the school year is over. Charikleia Arkolaki's watercolor, nostalgia-soaked illustrations leave little doubt that a summer holiday is unlike any other. Click on the "Look Inside" feature on the Kindle book cover image to see the first pages ( Buy now this book and encourage the love of reading and art in your child. From the Author Thank you for purchasing this book. If you liked it, I would be so grateful if you took a minute to leave a review. Review "I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this sweet trip down memory lane to Happiness Street. Absolutely loved how the memories are described in terms of colors. Sometimes as a child these are the things you carry with you. The vivid colors of your mother's bathing suit. The bright green of your cat's eyes. Beautiful. The illustrations are soothing and well done and the narrator's voice in my head calming as I read along (Bob Ross style). Short and sweet. I'd definitely recommend as a nap or bedtime read to your little one." - 5 star Amazon review Review "A book that soothes the soul, loved it! This book was filled with such lovely imagery and prose, I found it soothing to read from start to finish. It reminded me of another that we once had with it's pages filled with famous classical paintings. I find books like these to be a wonderful change of pace, almost like taking a stroll through a museum with your child. In this book, there is actually a story that goes with the paintings, but you can take your time & gaze at the art together and discuss how the art makes you feel. Why did the artist use these colors? What mood does this painting conjure for you? This is totally my cup of tea. Bravo." - 5-star Amazon review Review "Great read! It reminded me of bedtime stories with my grandmother. The artwork was great and my kids loved it too. We almost always end up painting after it." - Goodreads review

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