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Scented Stickers
Scented Stickers
Scented Stickers
Scented Stickers
Scented Stickers
Scented Stickers

Scented Stickers


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Color: Friends


  • 🍓🌿🍇Super Smelly Stickers: 828 scented stickers, 36sheet, there are 9 scents in each box: banana, apple, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, bubble gum, grape, popcorn, vanilla, lavender, each scent has 4 sheets. and every scent and patterns you will like it.this super scratch and sniff stickers can lasting smells for a long time, each scent be packaged individually for keeping it original freshness.
  • 🍓🌿🍇Upgrade Version & Truly Scratch and Sniff: our new version scratch and sniff stickers adopt upgraded technology, and made by high quality non-toxic material, they are truly scratch and sniff, if you think the fragrance weak, rub the stickers with another one or a place you can, the strong fragrance will fill your life and bring joy and fun for kids!
  • 🍓🌿🍇Attractive Designs: this scratch and sniff stickers including 9 themes, 30 interesting designs, such as: Animal Forest magician theme, sea animals theme, sports time theme, party time theme, delicious food theme and so on. these designs and themes can attraction children’s eyes, even adult will like it.
  • 🍓🌿🍇Wide-Uses: super smelly stickers can be a gift between children, parents and teachers, everyone will like the scratch and sniff,the super stickers can be used: crafts, game, reward, diaries, homework, etc.,can also be used to encourage and motivate children, increasing their creativity, imagination, manipulative’s a super stickers.
  • 🍓🌿🍇High-Quality & Safe: the smelly stickers are made of high quality material, you don't have to worry about them falling off easily, and you can use them multiple times. the smelly sticker is non-toxic, you can use it safely, Stickers will bring you unlimited fun. Your satisfaction is important for us.

Binding: Toy

Part Number: SWTZ-36NEW

Details: Our super-scented stickers have 828 amazing stickers, 54 unique and interesting designs, each sticker is so cute and fun, not only for kids,adult will like it so much. Let everyone spend happy and sweet time.

There are 36 sheets super fragrance stickers in each box,each sheet has 23 interesting stickers (15 round sticker over 1 inch and 8 small cute stickers) so you will receive 828 amazing numbers Stickers,this smelly stickers you will like it.
When mention scratch and sniff sticker, you will definitely think of it, because our scent very good, and it can lasting for a long time, make you always have a happy mood. The important is each scent be packaged individually,so the super stickers can't be damaged and each scent is freshness.what a good smelly sticker!

Who can used it?
This scratch and sniff sticker is great for everyone it must the best choice for them. In life, children can use it to create, play games, and so on. Parents and teachers can use the reward sticker to reward kids, make them more positive and like to create. Of course, you can also as a gift give your friends,it must be the best gift. .

What can used for?
crafts, games, rewards, motivations, progress reports, reminders, etc.

This is a very interesting thing.
Our scented stickers are sealed in a box, so you can definitely receive the complete product, and our scented stickers are non-toxic and harmless, so you can use it safely.
The quality of our stickers can stand test, you will be satisfied with our super scratch and sniff stickers, your satisfaction is so important for us!

EAN: 0619843103924

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 4.4 x 0.4 inches