Ages 5-7
Ages 5-7
Ages 5-7
Ages 5-7

Ages 5-7

Hachette Children's

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Author: Hadithi, Mwenye

Brand: Hachette Children's

Binding: Paperback

Format: Picture Book

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 04-06-2009

Details: Product Description In the days long ago, Giraffe was the noisiest animal on the Great African Plain. He shouted a lot and he laughed all the time. This is the story of how the littlest Egret proved to Laughing Giraffe that you don't need to be loud to be heard. Review Beautifully illustrated.― Metro Family Magazine About the Author BRUCE HOBSON writes as Mwenye Hadithi (pronounced m-when-yay hadee thee) which simply means a story-teller in Swahili. His work is published internationally and he lives in Nairobi. Bruce designs and plants tropical landscapes for a living, but also writes. When Adrienne Kennaway was growing up she lived all over the world and once rescued a tiny baby otter from certain death in Malaysia. He became the family pet and even travelled to Africa with them. Adrienne is a great lover of all forms of nature. She lives in the Republic of Ireland.

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