Ages 5-8
Ages 5-8

Ages 5-8

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Author: Phumiruk, Dow

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 15-03-2018

Details: Product Description 2019 Colorado Book Award Finalist Recognized in The 50 Best Multicultural Picture Books of 2018 Mela sets out to explore the river outside her village but quickly ends up in trouble when her little boat is swept downstream and into the dense jungle. She encounters a crocodile, a leopard, and some monkeys, offering each a prize return for helping her find her way home but the animals snatch up their rewards without helping Mela back to her village. Just when she's about to give up, an elephant shows Mela that kindness is its own reward. This new fable is told with authentic Thai customs and includes an author's note with more Thai traditions and language. Review This is a sweet little book of lessons. Author Dow Phumiruk s prose is sweet, brief, and educational. Illustrator Ziyue Chen's illustrations are kind and kid-friendly. Use this book to open discussions about the importance of being kind to others; why you should never wander away from home without permission; and why it is important not to trust strangers. --Picture Book Depot Phumiruk (Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines) takes readers to the country of her birth in an instructive contemporary fable about kindness, set in a village in Northern Thailand. A girl named Mela sets off to explore the nearby banks of the Ping River, refusing to bring along her younger brother. What will you give me if I take you? she asks, but he has nothing. The decision comes back to bite her after she's swept away by the current and winds up far from home. Mela meets a crocodile, leopard, and monkeys, who ask her the same question she asked her brother when she requests their assistance. She offers them her belongings, which they take and then they abandon her. Eventually, an elephant arrives to help and deliver the book s central message that kindness needs no reward. It s not a subtle story, but it s still a potentially useful tool for conversations about generosity, and Chen's digital artwork, rendered in an array of creamy greens, brings the verdant setting to life. --Publisher's Weekly Mela is a bold and adventurous girl who thinks nothing of setting off to explore the riverbank on her own. When her brother asks if he can accompany her, she refuses because he has nothing to offer in return. Thus, her journey along the river becomes a cautionary tale. Mela’s boat gets trapped, and she finds herself lost and dependent on the jungle creatures to show her some kindness and direct her home. In a predictable parallel, the animals will only help her if she gives them something. Set near the Ping River in Thailand, this story has the trappings of a contemporary folktale, with a lesson about kindness awaiting Mela and the readers. Cheerful illustrations in a palette of glowing jungle colors offset the perils of a child alone in a forest. Mela’s predicament is happily resolved by a kindly elephant, and she learns to change her opportunistic ways. An author’s note about Thailand provides brief cultural context with explanations about geography, customs, and concepts. --Booklist-- About the Author Dow Phumiruk was born in Bangkok, Thailand and came to live in the United States when she was about three years old. She loves children and sharing stories, and she is especially excited to share about Thailand with this book! Dow has been a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators since 2011, and Mela in the Jungle was made possible in part by a grant from this invaluable organization. Dow is a pediatrician who lives with her husband and children in Colorado. They own a dwarf rabbit, a bearded dragon, and a chubby hamster.

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