Ages 2-5
Ages 2-5
Ages 2-5

Ages 2-5

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Author: Ochiltree, Dianne

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 01-09-2012

Details: Product Description This legendary tale introduces young readers to Molly Williams, an African American cook for New York City's Fire Company 11, who is considered to be the first known female firefighter in U.S. history. One winter day in 1818, when many of the firefighting volunteers are sick with influenza and a small wooden house is ablaze, Molly jumps into action and helps stop the blaze, proudly earning the nickname Volunteer Number 11. Relying on historic records and pictures and working closely with firefighting experts, Dianne Ochiltree and artist Kathleen Kemly not only bring this spunky and little-known heroine to life but also show how fires were fought in early America. From School Library Journal Gr 1-4-Williams was a cook for New York City's volunteer Fire Company 11 in the early 1800s. When a snowstorm and influenza threatened to cripple the firefighters' efforts, the African American woman fled her kitchen as the first church bells announced a fire nearby. She alerted the runners to gather buckets and volunteers, fetched water from the river, pumped the engine, sprayed the blazing wooden house, and "pulled down chunks of burning roof with a hooked iron rod." From then on, she was known as "Volunteer No. 11," the first woman firefighter in America. Mouths will water at the mention of Molly's delectable 19th-century dishes such as hasty pudding, chicken roly-poly, hot apple tansey, and venison stew-students will probably want to research the recipes as well. They can also compare the tools, equipment, and practice of firefighting today to that of 200 years ago. Vibrant watercolor illustrations are filled with historical details; windmills, butter churns, cobblestoned streets, wooden houses with thatched roofs, and weather vanes capture the "small town" community in which everyone pitches in to avert crisis. This attractive, engaging, carefully researched title will not only enrich firefighting units, but is also recommended for women's history and lessons on post-Colonial life.-Barbara Auerbach, P.S. 217, Brooklyn, New Yorkα(c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted. From Booklist The subject is a natural for classrooms and libraries, but there is nothing dry or didactic in Ochiltree’s tale of volunteerism. It has enough action, drama, and fascinating period details about firefighting to keep boys and girls engaged. Set in New York City, the story chronicles how Molly Williams, an African American cook, jumped in to help a skeleton crew of firefighters put out a house fire during the 1818 blizzard. Working tirelessly alongside the men to battle the raging blaze, Williams proved she was “as fine a fire lad as any,” and through her capable, courageous actions, she secured both a job as “Volunteer No. 11” and a place in history. Kemly’s richly colored double-page illustrations are filled with energy and action and extend the information about early-nineteenth-century life, especially techniques for fighting fires. Substantial back matter includes lists of related books and websites and more on Williams—but does not touch on whether she was a slave, as some sources claim—and firefighting past and present. Grades K-2. --Kristen McKulski Review "Kemly's snow-streaked illustrations show Molly as a woman of determination and strength, and a sense of both danger and heroism radiates from the story." --Publishers Weekly "Ochiltree and Kemly tell Molly Williams' story in lively prose and richly modeled watercolors... All the pages are double-spread, full-bleed images, showing much period detail along with the flames and falling snow and Molly's signature bright blue calico dress and checkered apron. Faces are broad and full of emotion, with Molly's strong brown face showing every nuance of determination and courage....A pleasing historical tidbit." --Kirkus Reviews About the Author  Dianne Ochiltree is the author of several aw

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