Ages 3-5
Ages 3-5

Ages 3-5

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Author: Finch, P.T.

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 38

Release Date: 21-02-2017

Details: Product Description Three-year-old Luna loves to spend time with her big brother, Asher, and she wants to do everything he does. But when these siblings sit down to draw pictures together, Luna is overcome with jealousy because she can't do everything he can do. When she reacts in anger, Asher is sad and doesn't want to color with her anymore. How can she make things right again? With Mommy's help, Luna learns how to deal with her emotions and make amends for hurting her brother's feelings.  Toddlers ages 3-5 will love this sweet and relatable children's picture book, whether they're familiar with sibling rivalry or are just learning to share and cooperate at daycare or preschool. Stories like this one are an excellent way to teach kids about sharing, how to apologize, and how to take responsibility for their actions in a way that's fun! Parents and teachers will appreciate the valuable early learning lesson in compassion. Kindness and empathy for others is one of the most important social skills required to form lasting friendships in preparation for school life, making "Start With Sorry" a must-have on any bookshelf.  Reading about the facts of life is part of growing up, as values are learned not just through real-life situations, but also by reading about basic concepts in fiction. Good manners include not just saying "please" and "thank you," but also knowing how to apologize, not just with words, but with actions that demonstrate that the apology is meaningful. Give "Start With Sorry" a try and take your child on a fun journey with Luna and Asher while building a foundation of virtues and morals that they'll need in preschool, kindergarten and beyond. It's available as paperback and hardcover books. Review Reviewed by Barbara Fanson for Readers' Favorite Start With Sorry by PT Finch is an outstanding book that parents should read to their children. The story and illustrations work well together to create a must-have children's book, which children and their parents will enjoy. I believe children will develop a better understanding of their feelings: happiness, sadness, anger, hurt, jealousy, and regret. This story may help children to label their emotions and develop a better way to express their feelings. Start With Sorry also opens the door to discussing emotions and asking your own children questions like "Why do you think the little girl was angry? Why is the boy sad? Do you think the girl could have expressed her feelings differently?" The book demonstrates to children how to say sorry and forgive someone. Their mother guides them through a valuable lesson of understanding, empathy, cooperation, and an apology. Soon, the preschoolers learn how to work together to create a better drawing than before. Reviewed by Chris Stead, Old Mate Media Finch's tale comes from the same school of modern children's TV. It's focused on delivering its message about empathy and positive thinking, and doesn't hide that within a grander setting or style. For parents with squabbling siblings looking to get that message across, Start With Story can be quite a valuable tool. It's also a champion for greater cultural diversity in the library of available children's books. Perhaps in itself a subtle reinforcement of the theme of empathy. About the Author P.T. Finch  is a children's book author who enjoys packing engaging plots into short stories that are entertaining while teaching valuable lessons and life skills. PT's first published book for kids, "Start With Sorry" introduces Luna and Asher to the world as a sister and brother team who play together while learning about empathy and other important skills thanks to the good parenting of their mother and father. Gokhan Bas is a professional illustrator who has created illustrations and other artwork for children?s books, educational books, t-shirts, and even keepsakes such as decorative clocks. He works in mixed media including digital and traditional forms. Gohk

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