Ages 3-7

Ages 3-7

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Author: Peacock, Thomas

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 01-04-2019

Details: Product Description " Nooko's spirit is there in the stars," says Niigaanii to his younger brother, Bineshiinh, as they sprawl in a meadow, gazing skyward. "Uncle said when Nooko':s spirit left this world it went there." Nooko was their grandmother, and they miss her. But Uncle helps them find comfort in the night sky, where all the stars have stories. Indeed, there are so many stars and so many stories that the boys spend night after night observing and sharing, making sense of patterns and wisdom in "the forever sky." They see a moose, a loon, a crane, the Path of Souls, and so much more. One night, a beautiful show of lights fills the sky. Niigaanii explains that the northern lights are the spirits of the relatives who have passed on. The boys imagine different relatives dancing, lighting up the sky with their graceful movements. And then they see her: Nooko is one of the elders leading the dance. She has a message for them. One they can share with their parents and their uncle and everyone else who remembers her. One that lends power to the skies and brings smiles to the stargazers' faces. About the Author Thomas Peacock (Fond du Lac Band, Lake Superior Chippewa) is a coauthor of The Four Hills of Life and The Good Path. Annette S. Lee is a professor of astronomy and a professional visual artist. Her communities are Ojibwe and D/Lakota, and she is the director of Native Skywatchers. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. The boys lay quietly for a long time, looking up at the sky full of stars. Then Niigaanii spoke, “The stars are too many to count. And the sky so big it goes on forever. That is why we call it the Forever Sky.” Niigaanii told Bineshiinh more of what he had learned. How the stars form shapes of different spirits, animals and things that live in the sky during each of the seasons. A moose. A panther. A fisher. A loon and crane. A sweat lodge, a bather and sweating stones. The spirit of Wintermaker. The hole in the sky. Waynabozho, who was the great teacher of the Ojibwe. “Do you see the path of stars across the sky? That is the Path of Souls, the Milky Way. That is the path Nooko followed to the spirit world.” “The path leads to the Land of Souls. That is where Nooko’s spirit is. “Everyone who has passed is there.” “All who are there are happy.” For many nights the boys returned to the meadow. And one special night they stayed very late. That night a beautiful show of lights filled the sky. “The northern lights,” began Niigaanii, “are the spirits of all of our relatives who have passed on.” “Do you see them?” he asked. “Yes, I do,” said Bineshiinh. “And what are they doing?” asked Niigaanii. “I think they are dancing,” said Bineshiinh. And that is what they were doing.

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