Ages 2-6
Ages 2-6
Ages 2-6

Ages 2-6

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Author: Durrington, Vance

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 24

Release Date: 15-02-2019

Details: Product Description Has a fly ever bothered you? Would it keep coming back when you tried to wave it away? This family has the same problem. There is a pesky fly in their house driving everyone crazy. Find out what that buzz-buzz-buzzing fly is up to. What will happen next? Where will the pesky fly appear? Follow along with the fly’s adventure. The Pesky Fly, with its repetitive text and humor, will almost certainly be one that young children will want to listen to over and over again. Kids will begin to repeat the refrain after only a few pages and will be able to read the book on their own in no time. The adorable illustrations help to tell the story and reflect how the characters feel about that pesky fly. Review "The Pesky Fly is a charming and entertaining story by Vance Durrington. It describes what happens when a pesky fly decides to annoy every member of the family, including the dog! Follow this busy, buzzing fellow as he swoops from person to person, disrupting daily routines. Whether he is frightening Gran, taking a bite of the lunch Dad is preparing or making Mom scatter her papers, this fly has quite a big effect for being such a tiny insect. The beautiful watercolor illustrations by Melissa Bailey not only tell the story but provide the perfect comical backdrop to the words themselves. Children will enjoy repeating, "Go away pesky fly!" as they read along with this delightful story and find out what finally happens to that fly." -- Reader's Favorite   "Have you ever been simply trying to enjoy a beautiful day, a juicy apple, a good book, or a quiet moment and suddenly an annoying insect ruined it? I'm sure we all have. That is the background for The Pesky Fly by Vance Durrington. It is a delightful story that children will love to have read to them, especially when they can jump in on hollering at the pesky fly. This book would be perfect for classrooms and for family fun times. I loved Melissa Bailey's watercolor illustrations; they are beautiful, skillful, and hilarious all at the same time.  As children experience this book, I'm sure they will want to trace the pesky fly's trail through the family and right to the end." -- Readers' Favorite About the Author Vance Durrington is an author and educator. He was born inWichita, KS and remembers trips to visit relatives in Missouri and Oklahoma. Hetaught middle school and high school with some amazing students in Ballinger,TX. He loves a good story and could listen to people tell stories for days. Healso has a lot of stories bouncing around in his head and hopefully some ofthose stories will escape his head and make it into a book. Vance loves readingto children and enjoys visiting preschools and elementary schools. He lovesopportunities to meet and read aloud to children. He currently teaches at theUniversity of North Carolina Wilmington. He currently lives in Wilmington, NCwith his wife Jeanne and their two dogs Belle and Sassy (yes she lives up toher name). Visit him online at

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